Productframes is an artististic dialogue and co-operation between Pucho Alexis Parra and Kristin Bergaust. We have worked and lived together in Norway since 2006.

The starting point was to collect and share material from our diverse surroundings and combine this into common works. We discussed and negotiated the material in the context of contrasts and paralels as well as free associations.

The title Productframes comes from our first work together the photo series "Productos importados-Imported productos". We discussed what a product was, in an industrial sense and in a mathematical sense. We ended up thinking that our joint work could be seen as products in different senses of the word.

"Productos Importados/Imported products" was an exchange of digital images from our daily surroundings in Havana, Trondheim and Oslo- Cuba and Norway in March 2004. At first, the images were information for someone who did not know the reality depicted. Since we also were hampered by limitations in our language skills, the images were crucial communication tools. By putting images together, as diptychs or in series, we developed a project based on this first exchange of information. We did not make set rules or firm concepts for what could be put together or for who were allowed to decide and choose from what material.

Years after our first collaboration, we still bring daily-life material and documentation into our work. We have kept the principles of sensitivity to the other's situation and the desire to experience more of something that is no longer unknown.